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Imer Wheelman II (POLY DRUM)

Imer Wheelman II (POLY DRUM)

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Roll and dump it like a wheelbarrow or mount it on optional work stand, no matter how tough the jobsite, the Wheelman will be there with a load of perfectly mixed mortar, stucco, grout, floor mud, and of course, concrete. The Wheelman makes 250 lbs of material per batch, the largest capacity portable mixer on the market today. Direct drive gearbox - No belts to tighten, no bearings to grease, absolutely the most reliable drive system available today Removable drum allows loading and unloading by just one person

HP Elec. 1-1/2 @ 110v/220v,
Drum Capacity 9 CF
Drum Output 6 CF
Output Mortar Type N 2 bag
Output Concrete 1 bag
L x W x H 72" x 48" x 55"
Weight 520 lbs.
Tire Size 20"
RPM 21, belt to gear box
Spare Tire Included
  • Torsion bar suspension for smooth safe towing, Full width fenders
  • Greatly reduced maintenance, Adjustable support feet to secure and level the unit
  • Patented interior drum design, Full size dump wheel for quick and easy dumping
  • Belt driven gearbox , Worm drive dump gear
  • One piece removable drum, Frame mounted spare tire